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Welcome to Luma Consulting job search. We are all about you, sourcing the right job for the right person. We are about making your job search experience easier, faster and more effective. Find your dream job with us now.


Get Started. Below are the available vacancies

Job Title Location Expertise
Sale Representative (Biotech) CT (LC_515) Western Cape Scientific (Marketing & Branding)
Lab Manager (Biotech) CT (LC_518) Western Cape Scientific (Technical)
Aesthetics Doctor (DBN) (LC_519) KwaZulu Natal Other
Junior Scientist (Biotech) CT (LC_513) Western Cape Scientific (Technical)
Lab Technician (Biotech) Cape Town (LC_510) Western Cape Scientific (Technical)
R & D Manager: Organic Chemist (CT) (LC_506) Western Cape Scientific (Management)
Study Manager (Cape Town) (LC_502) Western Cape Scientific (Management)
Next Generation Sequencing Sales Specialist: JHB (LC_501) Gauteng Scientific (Marketing & Branding)
Product Specialist: Analytical Chemistry (JHB) (LC_495) Gauteng Scientific (Sales)

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